Events Scaffolding

Scaffolding structures for all kinds of outdoor and indoor events, providing temporary stages with painted and carpeted finish with handrails plus all other platforms for the venue.  Scaffolding Screen support for LED screens, Scaffolding staircases, Scaffolding lighting towers, camera towers, Back drop walls and all types of temporary walls with netted or ply cladding, Fencing & barriers to protect required areas in the venue.

We can supply the complete range of BS/EN Standard Steel Scaffolding Materials, Cuplock Scaffolding, Aluminium Mobile Towers, Frames, Tubes and accessories.

Staging Solutions

Specializes in event management, event marketing, creative media and brand activations.


Usually roofed structure with seats for people to sit on while they are watching a race or sporting.

Fences & Barriers

One stop for all kind of crowd control steel, vinyl and plastic safety barricades, fences for different industries and wide range of traffic barriers.