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Fitwell Scaffolding, located in Dubai, is a reputable company in the scaffolding industry, recognized in the United Arab Emirates. For more than a decade, the company has established a strong standing in the industry through its provision of access scaffolding solutions that cater to diverse construction requirements. These services aim to simplify the process of setting up support systems, building structures, installing substations, and erecting signs. Furthermore, the company offers distinct services that cater to the installation of signage with brand names and LED screens, commonly utilized by diverse industries for promotional purposes. Thanks to their in-depth expertise in the industry, Fitwell Scaffolding can provide a plethora of options to meet the diverse requirements of their customers.

Fitwell Scaffolding LLC offers independent scaffolding solutions that cater to a variety of construction-related requirements. This includes scaffolding for long hoardings that display advertisements for internationally renowned brands, as well as access scaffolding solutions necessary for maintenance work such as scaffolding support for cable trays and air conditioning ducting. The organization also provides access scaffolding options for tanks, both for oil and water storage and facilitates painting works by providing inside and outside scaffolding support. Furthermore, Fitwell Scaffolding LLC offers scaffolding services for vessel repair works on seaports like Jaddaf Dock Yard and Jebel Ali Port, as well as access scaffolding for repair works inside Tank 4 on board vessels. The implementation of birdcage scaffolding shall be undertaken by our proficient scaffolders to facilitate roof ceiling works within the internal auditorium as well as external works.

Fitwell Scaffolding LLC possesses a diverse selection of trucks that cater to both personnel and equipment transportation to effectively meet the distinct requirements of each site. This incorporates both trucks and buses. The company possesses a substantial storage facility that houses a considerable amount of scaffolding equipment. “By implementing this approach, an ample number of resources is ensured for every designated location. ” Our team has 17 years of experience working in the scaffolding industry in the United Arab Emirates, making them well-informed about the installation of secure scaffolding systems.

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Professionally managed company dealing with import, Export and Trading in wide range of Scaffolding Accessories ,access system . We are pleased to introduce us as one o the leading supplier for Scaffolding Access System ,Scaffolding Accessories Scaffolders Tools and Safety Products in the UAE.

We design & create event scaffolding structures, towers, ramps, staircases & complete overlay for our clients in the events industry. We always thrive on a creative challenge and do our best to satisfy our client.

When you need to rent the right tools for your scaffolding, we’ve got you covered wall-to-wall. We can supply the complete range of BS/EN Standard Steel Scaffolding Materials, Cup lock Scaffolding, Aluminium Mobile Towers, Frames, Tubes and accessories.


We are a Dubai based scaffolding company established in 2007, providing all types of Steel / Aluminum Scaffolding requirements to the construction industry and commercial projects in UAE. We specialize in selling, hiring, undertaking contracting jobs of erection and dismantling of scaffoldings.

We can supply the complete range of BS/EN Standard Steel Scaffolding Materials, Cuplock Scaffolding, Aluminium Mobile Towers, Frames, Tubes and accessories.

Scaffolding Company in Dubai

Fitwell Scaffolding is extending the scaffolding services towards all kind of construction companies / Industries, and companies like oilfield companies and tank repair and servicing, cleaning companies who specially in glass cleaning, hoarding and signboard specialists, Electromechanical companies as well as we do service all scaffolding support structure for Events and lighting companies, Interior

Fitwell Scaffolding takes pride in serving a wide range of customers who consistently reap the rewards of our outstanding scaffolding solutions. Our resolute dedication to ensuring customer delight is of utmost importance to us, and we firmly believe that our client’s input is the ultimate attestation of our expertise.

Our main focus currently is to provide contractual services that specifically cater to the needs of scaffolding solutions for both outdoor and indoor events, with a particular emphasis on accommodating concerts in either type of venue. We offer scaffolding equipment rentals consisting of both steel and aluminium options. We currently possess recently constructed scaffolding towers made of both steel and aluminium, ready for utilization in commercial operations. We hire scaffolders who have undergone extensive training and obtained certifications from various organizations for their skills in erecting, inspecting, and working at elevated heights. All the certifications will be provided as per the client requirement for the scaffolding as well as the scaffolding erectors. A dedicated team is at the disposal of the client to ensure that any changes or adjustments required for the pre-existing scaffolding are carried out to their satisfaction.

Fitwell Scaffolding has expanded its range of scaffolding services to cater to different industries involved in construction, such as the ones dealing with oil and tank renovation. Moreover, the company is catering to the requirements of distinct establishments like companies specializing in cleaning windows, experts in setting up barricades and billboards, and enterprises dealing with electromechanical equipment. Fitwell Scaffolding has the ability to provide event and illumination companies with scaffold support systems.

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