Scaffolding Rental in Dubai

Our clients are provided with the best possible service. We have built our well respected reputation on the recommendations from our customers. As part of our commercial services we ensure we meet your individual requirements by providing a range of services before during and after erection.

Hire & Sale of Scaffolding

All types of steel heavy duty and light duty scaffolding available for rental and sales inclusive of staircase towers.

All types of Aluminium scaffolding towers, Aluminium podiums, all kind of ladders such as staircase ladders, straight ladders, extended ladders, A type ladders, dual purpose ladders etc. etc.


  • Supply , Erection ,Dismantling of Scaffolding
  • Customized Engineering solutions
  • Designs and load calculations
  • Estimation of scaffolding items.
  • Scaffolding Inspection

We work with:

  • Scaffolding for , Dredging companies, Heavy industries, Oilfield Contractors
  • Scaffolding for Ship Building and Repairs
  • Bird Cage Scaffolds
  • Scaffolding for Outdoor Adverting Bill Boards
  • Scaffolding for Ship Repairing and Maintenance
  • Construction and Electromechanical Companies
  • Maintenance & Cleaning Companies & Interior Decorators


Our Scaffolding is providing its events services for a number of local events:

  • Stages and Seating Stands
  • Lighting Rigs
  • Camera Stands
  • Speaker Towers
  • Event Structures
  • Temporary Roofs