Scaffolding Contracting

Scaffolding Access System Contracting

Scaffolding offered Scaffolding Access System and Aluminum Mobile Towers are of high quality and standard. Our Scaffolding Rental & Contract Services includes Cup Lock System , Light Weight Scaffolding, Heavy duty Scaffolding , Aluminium Mobile Towers, Stair Access Scaffolding and Ladders.

All our products are used for the erection of temporary frame to support man and materials for various types of work including domestic scaffolding and large scale commercial projects. We rent Scaffolding Access System for short term and long term basis . We deliver reliable and cost-effective solutions and safe working environment to all our customers..

Our products are made out of the best quality raw materials available in the market. They are highly durable and have good enduring strength.

Our Cuplock Hiring Services includes Galvanized Cuplock that is known for its strength, durability and versatile use in the construction of scaffoldings. A Cuplock can be used for straight, curved and circular configuration for the access and support of the scaffoldings.

Advantages of Cup lock System

Provides major savings in erection and dismantling times thus minimizing on site cost. Small teams can erect it safely and quickly. Cuplock scaffold is the solution for temporary structures – Performance stages – Event grandstands etc.

We will arrange one of our qualified Supervisors to come to your site and have the survey learning your site requirements, then as per the site discussions and requirements we provide appropriate pricing for our all clients. Scaffolding contracting works include the supply of the scaffolding materials to the site with erection, rental duration as per your requirements, and dismantling of the same. We provide all kind of access scaffolding for all building construction works, structural works, access platform for all type of villa project, and suspended scaffolding to the building or structural works inclusive of steel heavy duty scaffolding, steel light duty scaffolding, Scaffolding staircase towers will be provided for construction sites as well as access for the roof of any building for climbing as well as carry the materials, all works will be completed adhering UAE safety rules and regulations providing Scafftags as well as we are arranging the third party inspection for the erected scaffolding and get the certification.